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Feb 23
U.S. is replacing Russia as EU's main energy supplier as crude oil and gas exports soar

   俄乌冲突改变了欧盟的能源进口生态,美国正在取代俄罗斯成为欧盟的主要石油和天然气来源国。 随着欧盟对俄海上 […]

Feb 23
EU bans fuel cars in 2035, bill with twists and turns, may benefit Chinese car companies

欧盟宣布2035年禁售燃油车,法案一波三折,或利好中国车企 世界上第一辆装配内燃机的汽车奔驰1号 1886年世 […]

Feb 23
Latest News! Countries are lifting restrictions on the entry of Chinese tourists

根据2023年2月17日路透社信息:欧盟轮值主席国瑞典说:欧盟27个成员国的卫生专家(2月16日)在会议上同意 […]

Dec 04

After the exhibition on October 31, I went back to Beijing from Germany via Hong Kong, so I'll tell you about the journey, whether it was easy or difficult, you can judge for yourself. At the end of July, I decided to [...]

Dec 04
Support for enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions the latest subsidy policies around the list

Premier Li Keqiang hosted an executive meeting of the State Council on May 5 to deploy further relief initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs to protect market players and stabilize employment [...]

Dec 04
127 countries/regions worldwide have lifted entry restrictions related to new crowns

Two new countries have recently been added to the list of countries that have completely lifted their new crown-related vaccination restrictions: India and Somalia. The summary list of countries that have lifted entry restrictions on new crowns has increased to 127. However, [...]

Nov 02
EUROLECH 2022 is a hot site in Germany-exhibit in Germany

  The 2022 Hannover Messe EUROBLECH was held as scheduled from October 25-28, EUROBLECH is the world's leading trade fair for [...].

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