2022 Subsidy Policy for "Substitute Exhibitors" at Overseas Exhibitions in Zhejiang Province

In the international exhibition generally rebound, foreign buyers generally good purchasing demand trend, to encourage our province's foreign trade enterprises with the "generation of exhibitors" new model should be exhibited, exhibition, to help our province's foreign trade enterprises to expand the market to grab orders, to ensure that the basic foreign trade. The following is a notice on the innovative organization of international exhibitions abroad:

I. Definition of "Generation of Exhibitors

"Exhibitor on behalf of" refers to the case that the enterprise itself does not need to arrive at the exhibition site, the exhibits leave the country, and entrust the overseas branches, partners, Chinese overseas Chinese and other personnel or entrust the exhibition company to organize on-site staff instead of the exhibitors responsible for on-site reception, international buyers through the booth site communication tools and the person in charge of the exhibitors in our province The new model of double-line integration is that international buyers negotiate with the person in charge of our exhibitors online through the communication tools at the booth.

II. Work requirements

(1) "Substitute exhibitors" are treated as offline exhibitors abroad and enjoy the same policies. The "substitute exhibitors" listed in the provincial exhibition catalog shall be given policy support with reference to the key exhibitions in the business exhibition management methods. According to the actual situation, each city can give policy support to the remaining part of the key category of exhibitions beyond the support standard.

(B) local cities according to the local key export markets and industries, the overseas exhibition directory for dynamic adjustment, to encourage foreign trade enterprises to "exhibit on behalf of" the form of participation in self-organized, key categories and other types of international exhibitions abroad. Municipalities should strengthen the policy support for the "substitute exhibitors" model, with reference to the local export scale, growth rate and other indicators, to determine the scale of exhibition and support.

(C) municipalities in charge of commerce should strengthen communication and coordination with the financial, audit and other relevant departments, as early as possible to promote the province's foreign trade enterprises using the "generation of exhibitors" model to capture the international market.

(D) The exhibition organizers should attach great importance to the high quality of the "exhibitors" of the organization and service work, shall not appear forgery, fraud, misleading, false propaganda and other acts. Once found or reflected by the enterprise irregularities, in principle, cancel their provincial, city and county business authorities at all levels to organize the exhibition qualification. On behalf of the exhibitors on-site staff without the authorization of the exhibitors shall not be privately involved in negotiations, order taking and other activities.

(E) Exhibitors should seize the opportunity, actively prepare and organize their business backbone to negotiate and match with overseas buyers online during the offline exhibition. In the case of online vacancies during the work of the exhibitors, once confirmed, the enterprise's booth will be disqualified from policy support.

(F) municipal business departments and relevant units should establish a "proxy exhibitors" notification mechanism, increase the work of guidance and supervision, regular statistics, supervision and performance evaluation, real-time summary and refinement of enterprise cases and the effectiveness of innovative exhibition model, monthly progress reports to the Department of Commerce. As an important part of the market expansion work, the "substitute exhibitors" will be included in the supervision and incentive assessment of foreign trade stabilization.


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