Notice of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce on the Announcement of the 2022 Annual Directory of Key Exhibitions of Ningbo Municipal Commerce System

Districts and counties (cities) business authorities, the relevant exhibition units.

In order to better guide enterprises to explore the international market and play the leading role of domestic and overseas key exhibitions, after the recommendation and screening of various exhibition organizers in our city and the comprehensive organization of exhibitions in recent years, according to the Notice of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance on the Implementation Rules of Ningbo Municipal Commercial System Exhibiting Support Funds (Ningbo Commerce and Trade Promotion [2021] No. 139), the 2022 annual Ningbo Municipal Commercial System Exhibiting Support Funds will be approved. The exhibition support funds for the year 2022 will be provided by the Ningbo Business System in the categories of overseas self-organized, overseas focused, and domestic heavy

The catalog of point category exhibitions shall be published and the relevant requirements shall be notified as follows.

I. Overseas exhibitions






(A) the organization of the city's overseas self-organized exhibitions, overseas key exhibitions, overseas general exhibitions should be registered in Ningbo City in the previous year and have

With independent legal personality.

(B) overseas self-organized exhibitions to standardize the operation of the exhibition units, optimize services, the year

In principle, the same overseas self-organized exhibition in the exhibition catalog should be supported for no more than three consecutive sessions.

(C) the city's enterprises to participate in the exhibition directory has been included in the self-organized category of Zhejiang Province (including "the same period of the exhibition" project) to enjoy direct reductions in booth fees, the city only for the actual booth fees collected

Support within the support standards of overseas general category exhibitions.

(D) RCEP countries to arrange no less than 20 exhibitions, Central and Eastern European countries exhibition an

The row is not less than 5.

(E) Because of the uncertainty of overseas exhibitions affected by the global epidemic, the list of key overseas exhibitions in 2022 will in principle continue the previous year's projects, and depending on the changes of the epidemic and the exhibition

The recovery is adjusted in due course.

(F) to encourage foreign trade enterprises to participate in various online exhibitions, the relevant support policies in accordance with the "Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance on the issuance of Ningbo City Business System exhibitors support funds

Notice of the implementation rules of the gold (Ningbo Business Trade Promotion [2021] No. 139) implementation.


II. Domestic key category (trade) exhibitions

( I) determine the principle

1. Exhibition market influence is greater

2. Organized by well-known exhibition institutions

3. Fits the advantages of Ningbo's industrial characteristics

4. In line with the direction of industrial development in Ningbo






5. Previously organized more than 50 booths in Ningbo

6. Balanced arrangement of exhibition institutions and thematic venues

7. The time of the subject matter is staggered with the local exhibition in Ningbo

(II) Support criteria

According to the "Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance on the issuance of Ningbo City Business System to support the implementation of the rules of the exhibition support funds" (Ningbo Business Trade Promotion [2021] 139), the implementation of Article 9, paragraph 4, that is: to participate in the key domestic exhibitions, booth fees at no higher than 50% support, and a single standard booth maximum support of 0.8 million yuan. Each enterprise exhibiting at the same exhibition can support up to 2 standard booths (or 18 square meters of open space) according to the above criteria.

Bit fee.

(C) the filing requirements

1. In order to improve the efficiency of reporting and reduce the cost of enterprises, eligible enterprises to apply for subsidies

Reporting is the responsibility of the exhibition organizing unit.

2. The organizers of key exhibitions (trade category) within the city's business system should

Registered in Ningbo City in the previous year of the exhibition year and has independent legal personality.

3. Each exhibition organizer of the city that organizes participation in the annual catalog must fill out the "Summary of Participation in Ningbo Commercial System" in the exhibition support fund declaration system (https://czsb .ningbochina . com/) within 30 days after the end of the exhibition, and print the paper report with official seal. com/), and print out the paper report, affix the official seal, attach the booth confirmation letter issued by the exhibition organizer, the payment voucher, the booth map, and the booth fee receipt issued by the unit.

Copy of all information such as payment vouchers in duplicate to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

(D) scheduled approach






In order to avoid the same exhibitor being recruited by more than one exhibition organizer at the same time, and to avoid vicious competition, the exhibition booths of domestic exhibitions should be explored.

The booking method is as follows.

1. The organizing unit will pre-fill the enterprise in the declaration system after the initial clarification of the exhibitors.

Industry information. Enterprise code is the only basis for system comparison, be sure to fill in accurately.

2. The organizing unit uploads the scanned copy of the exhibition registration form (with the seal of the exhibitor), checks the exhibition items and exhibitors (the organizing unit can only check the enterprises it prefills, same below), and clicks "To be locked". The enterprise is "locked" and "pending payment" status

Seven days, other organizing units can not check the same uniform code exhibitors.

3. Within seven days, the organizer will collect the booth fee and pay the net booth fee minus the rebate to the organizer of the exhibition or Ningbo Lead Unit, and upload the scanned copy of the payment voucher. The status of the enterprise will be changed to "Locked" and "Paid", and the reservation will be completed (booth number is not mandatory, same below), while other organizers will not be able to check the exhibitors with the same unified code. For the part of Ningbo lead unit, you can use the payment voucher of the exhibitors to scan the booth number.

In lieu of the scanned copy of the above payment voucher, a copy of the tracing

4. If the organizer does not complete the booking within seven days, the enterprise code will be automatically unlocked by the system. From the eighth day, other exhibitors can continue to check the "locked" status of the exhibition items and exhibitors for seven days. The scanned documents uploaded by the exhibition organizer do not match with the fill-in report.

The backend administrator has the right to unlock the exhibitors' status.

5. The same exhibiting unit can only lock the same exhibitor (based on the unified code) twice. After two protection periods, the exhibitor will be "locked" by the same group of exhibitors.

The hit is invalid. When the status of the company is "Pending Payment" (i.e., the company is not being paid by another






(The organizer is locked), allowing the organizer to upload scanned copies of payment vouchers. The company

The status is changed to "Locked" and "Paid" to complete the reservation.



Pre-filled enterprises





Lock status


Undo status


Payment Status


Exhibitor A

(Protection period)

1 To be locked Undo (delete list) Payment pending (click invalid)
2 Locked (click not valid) Undo (back to pending lock, countdown unchanged) Payment pending
3 Locked (click not valid) Undo (click is invalid) Paid (invalid click)



Exhibitor B

(Outside the protection period)

1 To be locked Undo (delete list) Payment pending (click invalid)
2 Locked (click not valid) Undo (back to pending lock, countdown unchanged) Payment pending
3 To be locked (click invalid) Undo (delete list) Payment pending
4 Locked (click not valid) Undo (click is invalid) Paid (invalid click)

If there are any questions or suggestions in the implementation please contact me in time, contact person: Ningbo

Qian Fang and Tang Rong School, Foreign Trade Promotion Department, Commerce Bureau, Tel: 89387086, 89387083.

2022 Ningbo business system key exhibition directory

(A) Overseas self-organized exhibitions


(B) Overseas key categories of emerging market exhibitions


Serial number Exhibition Name Country City
1 Middle East (Dubai) International Office Supplies and Stationery Exhibition UAE Dubai
2 Turkey International Hardware Fair Turkey Istanbul
3 Russia International Gift and Consumer Goods Exhibition Russian Federation Moscow
4 Turkey International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Exhibition Turkey Istanbul
5 Vietnam International Lighting Technology and Application Exhibition Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
6 Myanmar International Electrical Exposition Myanmar Yangon
7 China (Poland) Trade Fair Poland Warsaw
8 China (Mexico) Trade Fair Mexico Mexico City
9 Middle East (Dubai) International Beauty Development UAE Dubai
10 China Brand Commodities (CEE) Exhibition Hungary Budapest
11 China Consumer Goods (Belarus) Brand Exhibition Belarus Minsk
12 International Logistics Exhibition (Service Trade) in Mexico America Mexico Mexico City
13 China Consumer Goods (Russia) Brand Exhibition Russian Federation Moscow
14 Bangladesh International Building Materials Exhibition Bangladesh Dhaka
15 Thailand International LED Lighting Exhibition Thailand Bangkok
16 Malaysia International Electrical Appliance Fair Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
17 Kenya China Trade Week CTW Kenya Nairobi
18 China Food (Brazil) Brand Exhibition Brazil São Paulo
19 Indonesia International Toy and Baby Products Exhibition Indonesia Jakarta








20 China Brand Products (Latin America) / Brazil International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Show Brazil São Paulo
21 Asia Fashion & Lifestyle Products Exhibition in Thailand Thailand Bangkok
22 Indonesia China Technology Equipment and Commodity Exhibition Indonesia Jakarta
23 Brazil International Lighting Exhibition Brazil São Paulo
24 Benin (West Africa) China Commodities Fair Benin Cotonou
25 Singapore China Consumer Electronics and Home Furnishings Expo Singapore Singapore
26 China Machinery & Electronics (Philippines) Brand Exhibition Philippines Manila
27 Colombia Family Life Expo Colombia Bogota
28 Ningbo Export Commodities Bulgaria Exhibition Bulgaria Sofia
29 Mexico International Hardware and Tools Fair Mexico Guadalajara
30 Russia International Lighting Exhibition / Moscow International Smart Building Exhibition Russian Federation Moscow
31 Russia International Light Industry Textile and Equipment Exhibition Russian Federation Moscow
32 China (Egypt) Trade Fair Egypt Cairo
33 China (Azerbaijan) Commodity Intelligence Exhibition Azerbaijan Baku
34 China (Brazil) Trade Fair Brazil São Paulo
35 2022 Zhejiang Trade in Services (Thailand) Internet of Things Exhibition (Trade in Services) Thailand Bangkok
36 China (Georgia) Commodity Wise Exhibition Georgia Tbilisi
37 China (South Africa) Trade Fair South Africa Johannesburg
38 Uganda (Africa) International Trade Fair Uganda Kampala
39 Middle East (Dubai) Energy & Environment Water Treatment Exhibition UAE Dubai
40 China Building Materials (Chile) Brand Exhibition Chile Santiago
41 Russia International Hardware and Tools Exhibition Russian Federation Moscow
42 Nigeria International Textile and Apparel Fair Nigeria Lagos
43 India International Lighting Fair India New Delhi
44 Vietnam International Technology and Life Exhibition Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
45 Albania International Trade Fair Albania Tirana
46 China Healthcare Brand (Indonesia) Exhibition Indonesia Jakarta
47 Vietnam International Hardware & Tools Exhibition Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
48 China (Indonesia) Trade Fair Indonesia Jakarta
49 Romanian Light Consumer Goods Exhibition Romania Bucharest
50 Global Sources Indonesia Electronics Fair Indonesia Jakarta
51 China (Kazakhstan) Trade Fair Kazakhstan Almaty
52 China (India) Trade Fair India Mumbai
53 China (UAE) Trade Fair UAE Dubai
54 Morocco China Trade Week CTW Morocco Casablanca
55 China Brand Commodities Saudi Arabia/Jeddah International Trade Fair Saudi Arabia Jeddah







(C) overseas key category of traditional market exhibition


Serial number Exhibition Name Country City
1 New York Fabric & Garment & Home Textiles Show, USA United States New York
2 Gift & Office Supplies in Frankfurt, Germany Germany Frankfurt
3 Sporting Goods Show in Munich, Germany Germany Munich
4 Consumer Goods Show, Birmingham, UK United Kingdom Birmingham
5 Las Vegas Apparel Show, USA United States Las Vegas
6 France Paris Fabric & Garment Sourcing Exhibition France Paris
7 Asia Apparel & Accessories Fair in Berlin, Germany Germany Berlin
8 Hardware & Tools Cologne, Germany Germany Cologne
9 Chicago Housewares Show, USA United States Chicago
10 Consumer Goods & Gifts Show, Las Vegas, USA United States Las Vegas
11 Japan Tokyo Fashion Fair Japan Tokyo
12 Korea Consumer Goods & Gifts Show in Seoul Korea Seoul
13 Hannover Messe, Germany Germany Hanover
14 Las Vegas Hardware, Tools & Garden Show United States Las Vegas
15 Las Vegas Lighting Show, USA United States Las Vegas
16 Coil & Motor Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition in Berlin, Germany Germany Berlin
17 Home Life Australia/Sydney China Textile & Apparel Show Australia Sydney
18 Outdoor Show in Denver, USA United States Denver
19 Munich Outdoor Show, Germany Germany Munich
20 Tokyo Sourcing Conference, Japan Japan Tokyo
21 Autumn Gift Fair in Melbourne, Australia Australia Melbourne
22 Toronto, Canada Textile and Apparel Show Canada Toronto
23 Consumer Electronics Show, Berlin, Germany Germany Berlin
24 Sporting goods camping equipment and outdoor products exhibition in Cologne, Germany Germany Cologne
25 Auto Parts & Aftermarket Show in Frankfurt, Germany Germany Frankfurt
26 International Children's Fair in Cologne, Germany Germany Cologne
27 Asia Textile & Apparel Show, Tokyo, Japan Japan Tokyo
28 Hannover International Trade Fair for Commercial Vehicles and Parts, Germany Germany Hanover
29 Japan Tokyo Gift Fair Japan Tokyo
30 Japan Osaka Industrial Exhibition Japan Osaka
31 China Auto Motorcycle & Parts (Portugal) Brand Exhibition Portugal Porto
32 Auto Parts Show in Las Vegas, USA United States Las Vegas
33 Japan Tokyo Hardware & DIY Show Japan Tokyo
34 Madrid, Spain Electronics and Lighting Products Exhibition Spain Madrid








35 2022 Zhejiang Trade in Services (Germany) Digital Industry Exhibition (Trade in Services) Germany Hanover
36 London Lighting Show, UK United Kingdom London
37 Spain Global Smart Cities Conference (Trade in Services) Spain Barcelona
38 Bologna, Italy Lighting Fair Italy Bologna
39 China Textile & Apparel Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia Australia Melbourne

(D) domestic key category (trade) exhibition


Serial number Organizers Exhibition Name Exhibition time Exhibition Venue Led by Ningbo



Global Sources Exhibition

2022 Shenzhen electronic intelligent system



March 30 to April 2

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

(Baoan New Hall)


Foreign Trade Association



TDC, Ministry of Commerce

Guangzhou International Chamber of Commerce

2022 Guangzhou International Electronics and

Electrical Appliance Fair


April 12 to 14


Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo


Aquaspace Exhibition



China Foreign Trade Center

China Light Industry Chamber of Commerce

The 2nd Guangzhou International Pregnancy, Baby and Child

Product Expo


May 9 to 11


Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex


Oriental Exhibition



Yiwu Small Commodity City

Reed Huabo Shenzhen

Yiwu gift fashion items and

Housewares Exhibition


May 14 to 16


Yiwu International Expo Center


Foreign Trade Center



Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition

Messe Frankfurt

The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting



June 9 to 12


Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex


Century Exhibition



Machinery Industry Group

China Machine International Cooperation

The 16th China International Machine Tool

Tool Fair


June 13 to 17

Beijing China International Exhibition Center

Heart (new building)


Sanzong Exhibition







Informa Exhibitions

The 22nd CBME Pregnancy, Baby and Children Exhibition and Supply Chain & Private Label Exhibition  


July 6 to 8



National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)



Shengtai Exhibition








China Light Industry Chamber of Commerce

Reed Exhibitions

The 11th Shanghai International Fashion Home and Interior Decoration Exhibition and the 4th Shanghai International Gift

Product and Promotional Products Exhibition




July 14 to 16




Shanghai New International Expo Center




Ningxing Hengqi



TDC, Ministry of Commerce

China Foreign Trade Center

2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Delivery



August 15 to 17


Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex


Zhongzhan Aloi




Cologne Exhibition Group


2022 China International Hardware Show


September 21 to 23


Shanghai New International Expo Center


ODU Business

(E) the first half of the recommended online exhibition


Serial number Exhibition Name Country Time
1 Central Asia Station Machinery Special Session Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. February
2 Korea Station Textile and Clothing Special Korea February
3 Malaysia Station Food Packaging Special Session Malaysia February
4 Japanese and Korean Station Natural Extracts Special Session Japan, Korea February








5 U.S., plus station pharmaceutical raw materials and packaging special USA, Canada February
6 Russia Station Fabric and Accessories Special Session Russia February
7 Thailand Station Hardware and Machinery Special Thailand February
8 Bangladesh Station Auto Parts Special Bangladesh February
9 Malaysia Station Lighting Special Session Malaysia February
10 RCEP station houseware special Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. February
11 Columbia Station Garment and Garment Fabric Special Session Colombia February
12 Turkey Station Building Materials Special Turkey February
13 Turkey Station Hardware Tools Special Turkey February
14 RCEP Station Hardware Tools Special RCEP countries March
15 Korea Station Furniture Home Special Korea March
16 Europe Station Floor and Wall Materials Special Session Europe March
17 Southeast Asia Station Emergency Industry Special Session Southeast Asia March
18 Kazakhstan Station Auto Parts and Agricultural Machinery Special Session Kazakhstan March
19 Russia Station Raw Food Ingredients Special Russia March
20 Ying and West Station Customized Commercial Furniture Special United Kingdom, Spain March
21 Italy Station Home Textiles Special Italy March
22 Italy station bags, shoes special field Italy March
23 Pakistan Station Textile Special Pakistan March
24 Allianz first stop security and construction special session UAE March
25 Brazil Station Medicine Medical Epidemic Prevention Special Session Brazil March
26 Mexico Station Auto Parts Special Mexico March
27 West, French station bathroom special Spain, France March
28 Chile, Panama Station Auto Parts Special Chile, Panama March
29 Peru, Brazil station toy supplies special field Peru, Brazil March
30 India Station Garment and Textile Equipment Special Session India March
31 Australia, new station big health special Australia, New Zealand March
32 Japanese and Korean station hotel supplies and furniture home special Japan, Korea March
33 Central and Eastern Europe Station Lighting Special Session Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia, etc. March
34 ASEAN Station Auto Parts Special Vietnam, Philippines March
35 UAE station hardware tools, small household appliances, household goods special market UAE March
36 Pakistan Station Auto Parts and Supplies Special Pakistan March
37 Mexico station home, textile and clothing special Mexico March
38 I Ross station eyeglasses special field Russia April
39 Europe Station Living Goods Special Italy, Germany April
40 EU Station Medical Supplies Special EU April








41 Japanese and Korean station civil furniture special Japan, Korea April
42 Indonesia Station Food Packaging Special Indonesia April
43 US, plus station fine chemical special USA, Canada April
44 CIS Station Building Materials and Hardware Special CIS countries April
45 RCEP Station Toys and Educational Equipment Special Session Australia, Japan, Indonesia April
46 Central Asia Station hardware and machinery special field Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan April
47 Southeast Asia Station Consumer Goods Special Session Southeast Asia April
48 Sri Lanka Station Fabric and Accessories Special Session Sri Lanka April
49 Japan Station Home Appliance Special Japan April
50 Ethiopia, Kenya station building materials and hardware special session Ethiopia, Kenya April
51 Pakistan station plastic machinery, printing and packaging special session Pakistan April
52 U.S. Station Medicine Medical Prevention Special Session United States April
53 Philippine Station Fabric Dress Shoes Special Philippines April
54 Bangladesh Station Garment and Textile Equipment Special Session Bangladesh April
55 China Hong Kong, Malaysia Station Consumer Goods Special Session Hong Kong, China, Malaysia April
56 South Africa, Kenya station pan-home special session South Africa, Kenya April
57 Indonesia Station Clothing & Footwear Special Indonesia April
58 Korea Station Electronic Machinery Special Session Korea April
59 UAE Station Textile and Garment Special Session UAE April
60 Australia Station PV Special Session Australia May
61 Poland station daily necessities special market Poland May
62 Southeast Asia Station Teaching Aids Special Session Thailand, Indonesia, etc. May
63 ASEAN Station Hardware and Building Materials Special Session Malaysia, Thailand, etc. May
64 Europe Station Stationery Passing Field Central and Eastern Europe May
65 South America Station Auto Parts Special South America May
66 Vietnam Station Food Additives Special Session Vietnam May
67 French and Italian Station Home Decoration Special France, Italy May
68 Japan and Korea station pharmaceutical raw materials special session Japan, Korea May
69 Australia, the new station health drink special Australia, New Zealand May
70 Central and Eastern Europe Station Consumer Goods Special Session Central and Eastern Europe May
71 RCEP station textile and clothing fabrics special session Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan May
72 CIS station leisure goods special CIS countries May
73 Central Asia Station Textile Special Central Asia May
74 Spain Station Housewares Special Spain May
75 Central Asia Station Lighting Fixture Special Session Central Asia May
76 Indonesia Station Auto and Motorcycle Parts Special Indonesia May





- 11-







77 Argentina Station Bathroom Hardware Special Argentina May
78 U.S. Station Hardware Special United States May
79 Spain Station Plastic Industry Special Session Spain May
80 Saudi Arabia Station Medical and Epidemic Prevention Special Session Saudi Arabia May
81 Europe Station Outdoor & Umbrella Special Europe May
82 Russia Station Safety and Fire Special Russia May
83 Europe Station Auto Supplies Special Russia, Ukraine, Germany May
84 Russia Station Pharmaceutical and Medical Special Session Russia May
85 Huanzhou Station Household Goods Special Germany, Czech Republic May
86 Nigeria Station Auto and Motorcycle Parts Special Session Nigeria May
87 CIS Station Food Special CIS countries May
88 Indonesia station textile and clothing, home special Indonesia May
89 Indonesia station electromechanical hardware special Indonesia June
90 Thai and Indian Station Natural Extracts Special Session Thailand, Indonesia June
91 The United States and Australia station nutritional health products special field USA, Australia June
92 U.S. and Canada Station Outdoor Furniture Special USA, Canada June
93 ASEAN Station Electromechanical Special Session Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. June
94 Russia, white station consumer goods special Russia, Belarus June
95 South Asia Station Medical Supplies Special Session India, Bangladesh, etc. June
96 Korean and Japanese Station Kenchon Hardware Special Korea, Japan June
97 CIS Station Packaging Machinery Special Session Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan June
98 CIS station textile and clothing fabrics special session Russia, Belarus, etc. June
99 Eurasian Station Auto Parts Special Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. June
100 Columbia Station Pet Supplies Special Colombia June
101 Russia Station Toys and Baby Category Russia June
102 Poland Station Lighting Fixture Special Poland June
103 Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam Station Lighting Special Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam June
104 Australia Station Clothing, Socks Special Australia June
105 Australia, the new station pet supplies special Australia, New Zealand June
106 Brazil Station Housewares Special Brazil June
107 RCEP station beauty salon special RCEP countries June
108 RCEP Station Food Special RCEP countries June


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