127 countries/regions worldwide have lifted entry restrictions related to new crowns

Two new countries have recently been added to the list of countries that have completely lifted their new crown-related vaccination restrictions: India and Somalia.

The summary of the list of new crowns whose entry restrictions have been lifted has increased to 127.

However, we have also seen that some visa application centers and even consulates in first-tier cities are currently closed because of the epidemic prevention and control around the world. For example, visa centers in Beijing for Belgium, Denmark, Malta, Slovakia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Cyprus, Israel and Brazil are all closed.

Others, like the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, have also issued an announcement: If you arrived in Shanghai within the last five days, you may be denied access to the shopping center where our consulate is located after November 24. As a result of this, applicants going to Shanghai for an interview with the U.S. Consulate are advised to arrive five days early.

I hope the epidemic will fade quickly and everything will return to normal.

Next, take a look at the list of those who have lifted the restrictions on entry of new crowns, as follows.

List of countries/areas where "entry restrictions on new crowns have been lifted"

Countries/areas where entry restrictions have been lifted.

Removal of restrictions related to the entry of new crowns means.

  • No vaccine certificate required
  • Nucleic acid testing for new crowns not required (pre-departure and post-arrival)
  • No isolation required.

Immigration policy is back to pre-epidemic levels, with no more restrictions related to the New Crown outbreak


1. Iceland (Schengen Member State)

2. Norway (Schengen Member State)

3. Republic of Ireland

4. Hungary (Schengen Member State)

5. Montenegro

6. Romania


8. Poland (Schengen Member State)

9. Denmark (Schengen Member State)

10. Latvia (Schengen Member State)

11. Sweden (Schengen Member State)

12. Czech Republic (Schengen Member State)

13. Republic of North Macedonia

14. Slovenia (Schengen Member State)

15. Lithuania (Schengen Member State)

16. Croatia

17. Bulgaria

18. Kosovo (region)

19. Albania

20. Greece (Schengen Member State)

21. Switzerland (Schengen Member State)

22. Liechtenstein (Schengen Member State)

23. Moldova

24. Serbia

25. Austria (Schengen Member State)

26. Belgium (Schengen Member State)

27. Bosnia and Herzegovina

28. White Russians

29-31. Italy(Schengen Member States).Includes two landlocked countries Vaticanand San MarinoThe government also lifted the entry restrictions at the same time.

32. Cyprus

33. Turkey

34. Estonia (Schengen Member State)

35. Finland (Schengen Member State)

36. Portugal (Schengen Member State)

37. Slovakia (Schengen Member State)

38. Malta (Schengen Member State)

39. France (Schengen Member State)

40. Monaco

41.Netherlands (Schengen Member State)

42. Luxembourg (Schengen Member State)

43. Spain (Schengen Member State)

44. Russia (tentatively listed).Fill out a form on the website before you leave

At present, of the 26 Schengen countries, only Germany is the only country in Europe that has not yet completely lifted all entry and visa restrictions for Chinese citizens.Although Germany has lifted all restrictions on entry prevention, there are still restrictions on visa applications and entry for persons departing from (residing in) China, but no restrictions for travelers from the Schengen area. In terms of visa applications, Germany does not allow applications for general business (except for those with a statement of necessity) and tourist visas, except for visas for exhibitors/visitors/visiting relatives of certain relatives, but there are no more restrictions on entry for those who have a valid visa and meet its entry requirements.

With the exception of Germany.Andorra(Located between France and Spain, it is open when France and Spain are open, and should be able to enter Andorra from the French side when France is open), there is onlyUkraine.


1. Saudi Arabia:(Updated September 15: no entry for travelers who have been in Iran for the past 14 days; medical insurance covering treatment of new crowns required for visitors on visas; medical insurance and vaccination certificates required for travelers to Hajj)

2. Mongolia.(Another update on August 18 stipulates that passengers must present a Health Declaration Form upon arrival.)

3. Bahrain

4. Maldives.Visitors are still required to complete a Traveler's Health Statement up to 48 hours prior to arrival and will need to confirm hotel reservations for the entire duration of their stay.

5. Yemen

6. Jordan.Jordan's entry regulations were updated on May 30 to require passengers to fill out a "declaration form" prior to departure to generate a QR code to be presented prior to boarding and upon arrival.

7. Kuwait

8. Kirghistan

9. Afghanistan

10. Vietnam

11. Oman

12. Kazakhstan

13. Azerbaijan

14. Uzbekistan

15. Armenia

16 Malaysia

17. Maldives (tentative).Passengers and crew entering the Maldives must complete the Passenger Declaration up to 96 hours prior to arrival.

18. Bhutan

19. Lebanon

20. Thailand

21. Cambodia

22. Korea.Equivalent to the removal of restrictions, travelers also need to fill out the Q-CODE form online with their health status before entering the country, which is also relatively simple. In addition, if you are transiting from overseas to China via Korea, you need to enter the country in order to apply for a health code from the Chinese Embassy (you should not have to do so for stopovers).

23. Jordan.Equivalent to the removal of restrictions, travelers will also be required to fill out an online QR code prior to entry that must be presented prior to boarding and upon arrival.

24. United Arab Emirates

25. Taiwan, China (tentative).The inbound passengers receive only 7 days of medical examination

26. India



2. NewCaledonia

3. Vanuatu

4. Cook Islands

5. Papua New Guinea

6. New Zealand.Entry restrictions have all been lifted, but note that: transit through New Zealand is only permitted for 24 hours in Auckland (AKL); transit through New Zealand to mainland China is not permitted, but does not apply to Chinese nationals arriving from the Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga or Vanuatu.


1. Mexico

2. El Salvador

3. Costa Rica

4. Grenada

5. Jamaica

6. Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (Netherlands)

7. Trinidad and Tobago

8. Malvinas Islands/Falkland Islands(British, called in EnglandFalkland Islands.Argentina is calledMalvinas Islands)

9 Curaçao, Aruba.These two are Dutch territories and the media is now reporting that entry restrictions have been lifted

10. U.S. Virgin Islands:June 28, 2022 COVID-19 entry requirements eliminated

11. Belize.Passengers must have Belize travel health insurance. Insurance can be obtained at www.belizetravelinsurance.com or upon arrival.

12. Virgin Islands (UK)

13. French Guiana

14. Guadeloupe (French)

15. Guatemala

16. St. Kitts and Nevis

17. Cayman Islands

18. Argentina

19. Antigua and Barbuda

20. Dominica

21. Panama

22. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

23. Bahamas

24. Barbados

25. Canada

26. Anguilla

27. Guyana

28. Ecuador

29 Montserrat (British)

30. Paraguay

31. Peru

32. St. Maarten, The Netherlands



2. Congo (Brazzaville)

3. Benin

4. Egypt

5. North Sudan

6. Réunion (French Overseas Territory)

7. Mayotte (French Overseas Territory)

8. Madagascar

9. Namibia

10. LysolTO

11. Cape Verde

12. Botswana

13. South Africa (tentatively listed).Passengers and crew are required to undergo a medical screening. (Note: South African entry restrictions have also almost all been lifted, with the July 4 update requiring only medical screening of incoming passengers and crew)

14. Morocco (tentatively listed).Almost all restrictions were removed and updated on October 3, and now only require that passengers 12 years of age and older must complete a Public Health Passenger Form prior to arrival. The form can be found at: https://www.onda.ma/form.php

15. Ethiopia

16. Algeria

17. Eritrea

18. Seychelles


"List of countries/areas that still retain entry restrictions on new crowns

The current statistics of 124 countries/regions and entry restrictions, in addition to the above countries that have completely lifted their entry restrictions, the list of countries/regions that still have entry restrictions is as follows, with reference to the updated timeNovember 25, 2022.



Countries that still have entry restrictions: Germany (which has lifted its new crown entry restrictions, but still maintains some visa application restrictions for Chinese citizens), Ukraine, etc.



Countries/regions that still have entry restrictions: Azerbaijan, Macao, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Philippines, Qatar, Laos, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Japan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Taiwan, China (lifted but harder to get past), Turkmenistan, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Indonesia, China, etc..



Countries that still have entry restrictions: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, United States, Nicaragua, Suriname, Venezuela, Chile, etc.



Countries that still have entry restrictions: Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia, etc.



Countries that still have entry restrictions.Fiji, Solomon Islands, etc..

The above list is for reference only and does not constitute travel advice.

At present, China still insists on "not to leave the country unless necessary or urgent", so please refer to the relevant national immigration policy for actual travel.


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